You know in the depths of your heart and soul that your life was meant for more.

Maybe more purpose. Maybe more focus. Maybe more rest. Maybe more gratitude. Maybe more intentionality in your relationships. Maybe more intimacy in your marriage. Maybe more consistency in your parenting. Maybe more boldness in your career. Maybe more faith steps in ministry. Maybe a further reach with your platform. Maybe a deeper relationship with God.

If it’s true, and you long to find “more” of the good God has in store for you, while experiencing  less distraction, defeat, and diversions, then life coaching through the Kaleo Agency is a perfect solution.

We’re about the business of helping you clarify your purpose and unlock your potential in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Yes, every area of your life can be refueled with the “Whole Person, Whole Life Plan” approach, because it’s impossible to compartmentalize responsibilities and relationships when it comes to priorities and values. One always impacts the other, so why not look at the whole picture and craft a prayerfully-arrived at whole-life plan for moving forward?

Customized for You 

Each of these coaching programs can be customized to meet your needs and goals, whether you're seeking to understand your God-given calling and ministry, grow in your professional career, or experience total life transformation from the inside out.

If you feel like God has laid a message and mission on your heart that you would like to develop as a writer, speaker, or leader, you'll find that the Kaleo Program or Kaleo Intensive will meet your needs perfectly. Partnered with the Highlands Ability Battery, you'll gain clarity, confidence, and courage in moving forward through implementing practical goals based on personal insights.

Kaleo Program
Ten 60-minute Sessions PLUS Highlands > Prayerfully and purposefully give voice to your calling by exploring, embracing, and engaging in God’s work in and through your life.

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Kaleo Infusion
Five 45-minute Sessions > Embrace a whole-person approach in life coach, which enables growth in multiple areas of life.

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Kaleo Intensive
Two Full Days of Coaching PLUS Highlands > Jump start a process of transformation, gain clarity quickly, and harness momentum as you hone in your message and mission.

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Kaleo Unlock
Three 45-minute Sessions > Focus on one area in which you'd like to experience life change, clarity of vision, or growth.

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The "New You" Life Transformation Program
Six 60-minute Sessions > Embrace fresh attitudes and focused habits leading to real life change.

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Coaching Benefits

Life coaching conversations are mufti-faceted, assessing life today, casting vision for tomorrow, identifying obstacles, and pursuing solutions. Each of our sessions may focus on one particular area or a variety of situations, such as:

  • improving communication within the family,focusing on parenting priorities, and mentoring children
  • getting unstuck from rut-dwelling living
  • defining relationship pitfalls and developing listening skills
  • transitioning through life stages and changes
  • discovering spiritual gifts, talents, and wiring
  • uncovering life passions and defining life purpose
  • becoming an intentional wife, mother, woman
  • setting life boundaries on ministry and work
  • becoming an effective ministry leader or business woman
  • developing a personal mission statement with goals
  • discovering techniques and habits to grow in your faith

Unlike counseling or therapy, coaching is about launching from an emotionally and spiritually healthy place while focusing on seeing God’s purposes take shape in every area of life. Coaching occurs after healing from any past pain, and is designed to build vision and move toward the future. It is about growing, building on strengths and skills. If you'd like to find out if coaching is the next best step, feel free to request a free consultation. 


Free Consultation

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