The Highland’s Company Assessment is a hidden jewel when it comes to college and career matching.

Wouldn't you like to be able to know the what your teen should look for in a college that best fits his or her nature?

Don't you want to help your son or daughter gain clarity and vision on not only a college match but a field of study that will lead to a fruitful career experience?

Maybe, what you need most of all in this moment is a way to communicate about the future that is more factual than emotional?

I understand. As the mother of a college-bound teen, I get the tension and the desire to help foster a good college and career outcome. I also know the challenges most parents face in communicating with their young, adult children. After 18 years living in a college-prep boarding school and interacting with hundreds of teens throughout their college selection process, I know it's emotional, stressful, and life-changing experience.

One thought. One reaction. One decision. Can change everything.

That's why I want to help you navigate through this process with hope, grace, and practical purpose. Utilizing a three hour, online assessment with 19 timed segments, whichcan be completed over multiple sessions, the Highlands Assessment Battery measures 18 different abilities — such as how you solve problems, whether you like to work with a team, how long you want to work on a project —  that lead to work-type profiles. Those profiles connect to a database of career options and the colleges, universities, and schools that offer the proper degree and certifications.


Highlands Ability Battery


The Highlands Assessment is not only online, it’s also interactive and personalized through working with me, Elisa Pulliam, the owner of Kaleo Agency, a trained life coach, and a Highlands consultant in pre- and post-session preparation as well as a thorough follow-up debrief.  This time is designed to help both you and your son or daughter walk away with a better understanding of how to study, work with peers, and even connect with family members.

While there’s no fool-proof method for finding the perfect college and career match, Highlands offers direction, options, and hope-filled possibilities in the search process. 

9th - 12th Grade

Pre-Assessment Session

3-Hour Online Assessment

60-minute Feedback Session

College & Grads
Career Focused

Pre-Assessment Session

3-Hour Online Assessment

60-Minute Feedback Session

60-Minute Coaching Session


The Highlands Ability Battery is a Tool

 The Highlands Battery is an online assessment that provides concrete results. The process includes:

  • Highlands Whole Person Model takes into consideration all aspects of life and thereby connects personal style and abilities to both professional and personal life pursuits. 
  • The three-hour online assessment, which is divided into 19 timed work-sample segments, can be completed in one sitting or spaced out according to time availability.
  • The results are communicated in a full report and links to an information-rich database of educational and career matches that connect with abilities. To see a sample student report, click here, and an adult report, click here.
  • Understand the basis of your strengths and blind spots in your leadership style and relationships, and learn how to take your whole self into account as you develop as a leader.
  • Know exactly the types of people you need to surround yourself with to complement your talents.

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