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Coach2Coach Partnership

The Coach2Coach Partnership is an exclusively designed coaching support opportunity created for lifes coaches to receive encouragement, support, and consultation as they grow their own coaching business.

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The Coach2Coach Partnership provides certified life coaches the opportunity to create a clear vision for their coaching business or ministry along with providing a fabulous foundation on which to launch and grow.


Even a life coach needs a life coach, right?



The Strategy Package

Three initial 60-minute sessions followed by four 30-minute sessions for $425.

This package is created for the coach who wants to take time in deciding their brand identity, website platform, and launch strategy.

Identify Your Brand

  • settle upon your business name and tagline
  • craft your mission statement
  • write and practice your elevator pitch
  • identify your brand distinctive
  • pinpoint your ideal client

Defining Your Business

  • determine your services, packages, and programs and setting your fees
  • setting up your business entity and payment methods
  • establish a budget and measurable goals
  • create your terms and policies

Planning Your Reach

  • create your social media strategy
  • determine your list building strategy
  • assess networking opportunities

The Launch {with a Website} Package

Three initial 60-minute sessions and four 30-minute check-in sessions plus the set-up of a Wix.com website, as specified below, for $925.

This package is specifically designed for the coach who doesn’t want to get bogged down in decision-making or the logistics of building and maintaining a website and is ready to begin telling the world about their coaching services.

Review Your Brand Together

  • settle upon your url for your website and the name of your business
  • craft your tagline and mission statement
  • define your three ideal clients
  • craft three service options, fees, and payment methods

Define Your Design Together

  • set up your Wix.com account using this template.  (The wix.com fee is not included and will be paid directly to wix. Other layout options may be considered, but there will be an additional design fee quoted at that time.)
  • walk through the components of the website design to review placement and copy
  • settle upon your color and font palette
  • select your stock photos (The cost of stock photos is not included with this quote.)

Plan Your Reach

  • create your social media strategy and set up accounts
  • determine your list building and communication strategy
  • assess online and in real life networking opportunities
If you’re ready to launch your business, start by completing this form. If you are requesting the special discount as a recent Life Breakthrough graduate, please request a personalized invoice!

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