Missional Marketing

Missional Marketing Simplified

Elisa Pulliam

Does the idea of marketing make you overwhelm you? Are you worried you might come across too pushy? Fear that you'll be misunderstood or rejected?

Then you need a missional marketing approach, where you think about all the good you have to offer and remember the mission that got you to where you are today.

Missional marketing is about serving, not selling.

And as your missional marketing coach and strategist, I'll help you define exactly what it is you are seeking to serve -- thus the importance of starting with the Brand Strategy step -- so that we can put together a step-by-step marketing plan that works within your budget, time frame, and goals. 

Opt-in Content Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Network Building Strategy


 It's all about clarifying
where you need to be.

Creating your missional marketing plan builds upon your brand strategy to help you set clear goals and action steps for where, how, and when you should invest your time and resources in reaching your tribe. Together, we will identify your:

social media curation and ideal social media channels

blog, newsletter, and email content curation 

guest posting and contributing options

opt-in downloads for website visitors

email sequences for subscribers

content calendar and social media workflow

course creation ideas and development

product and service creation and promotion

relationship building opportunities through mastermind groups

conference networking potential

community exposure online and in-real-life


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