The Whole Person Approach to Life Coaching

Life coaching is the process of  helping you discover the solution you're after through asking thought-provoking, open-end questions.

The key in coaching is the “ah-ah” moment, because when you discover the answer, you'll own the next step you need to take and seek signifiant results.

As your coach, I won't tell you what to do, but I'll walk with you in the solution-focused journey as we consider every aspect of your life. Yes, that's what I call the whole persona approach because there is no way to separate your personal life from your professional one, or your spiritual development from your life habits, or your circumstances today from your life story.

Every part of your life -- your mind, body, and soul --  is important to consider in the pursuit of finding the answers you're hoping to uncover.

Whether you're seeking to understand your God-given calling, unpack how to grow your ministry or business, develop as a leader, grow spiritually, or tackle one single obstacle in your life, the art of coaching using the whole person approach is beautiful way to embrace the change process. 

Feel free to explore the coaching programs below or request a customized package that works with your budget and needs.


Kaleo Program
Discover how to give voice to your calling and embrace your purpose as a writer, blogger, speaker, or ministry leader.

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Customized Coaching Packages
Collaborate to create coaching program built uniquely around your needs and budget.

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Author Book Launch Package

Make your launch a successful and sustainable experience with life coaching support, marketing consulting, and graphic design.

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Kaleo Intensive
Designed for entrepreneurs and life coaches to gain clarity, articulate vision, and harness momentum with practical action steps.

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The "New You" Life Transformation Program
Learn how to embrace fresh attitudes and focused habits leading to real life change.

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Kaleo Brainstorm Session

Get unstuck and gain clarity around that one idea or obstacle, so that you can decide the best next step.

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Have you ever wished you could simply sit down with an objective friend and discuss the state of your life and relationships in a transparent, honest, forwarding thinking manner?

In an ideal world, everyone would have such a friend. But in the real world, even the best of friends are busy, consumed with family and work, and often overwhelmed by a crisis or two. While friends are irreplaceable, they also have limitations. A life coach, however, is able to devote 100% of their time with you towards serving your needs. 

Life Breakthrough Certified CoachAs your life coach, I step into your world and listen to your situation, so that together we can discover how God is about the business of equipping you for today.

With the heart of a friend, steeped in a passion for God and His Word, I bring to you an attentive ear, thought-provoking questions, and an accountability partnership to facilitate the authentic life change you desire. 


What’s the difference between coaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring?

A life coach is like an architect, helping a client decide what they want to build or renovate.

A counselor is like an archeologist, looking into the past and under the service to figure out what places need healing or rebuilding. A person struggle with wounds from the past, addictions, abuse, or traumatic life experiences should see a counselor before connecting with a coach.

A consultant offers a professional or expert opinion with advice as to how to move forward. A mentor is someone who comes alongside to teach and train in a particular skill set or ability, while offering ongoing encouragement.

How does life coaching work?

Coaching can take on many forms and styles. As your coach, I will focus on asking you thought-provoking questions to help you assess five key areas:

  1. Awareness ~ where are you at today
  2. Vision ~ where would you like to go
  3. Obstacles ~ what is getting in your way
  4. Action ~ what steps can you take
  5. Assessments - what tools can we use to understand your hard-wiring

This one pattern for coaching can be applied to every issue, from time management to leadership growth, developing as communicator to improving relationship.

It is amazing to see how this particular coaching model is effective in so many different scenarios.

I also like to spend much of our session taking notes, which helps me see patterns, needs, longings, beliefs, and areas for focus. Depending on the topic being discussed, my notes can turn into word pictures, which I am more than happy to share with you. One of the things I look and listen for in each session, is a sense of what you’d like to accomplish. I will often repeat back to you what I hear and offer accountability for follow-through on areas you’d like to focus your time and energy.

Where do you meet for sessions?

While face to face coaching is a wonderful experience, there are many ways to be conduct a coaching session. A coaching session can take place over the phone or online, using a conference meeting service.

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