Book Launch Checklist

A Super Simple but Super Effective Tool

Book Launch Checklist

What's steps should you not forget?

Whether you're self-publishing or in the process of traditional publishing, at some point your book baby will be ready to meet the world.

So what does it take to get your book ready to launch?

As both a traditionally published and self-published author, I know what it's like to do a soft-launch and a full-blown launch . . . and one thing is common for both . . . making a plan.

This little checklist will get your juices flowing and provide you with some basic ideas of what you'll need to consider in preparing for your launch.

Plus, if you want someone to delegate your graphic and design work to, or simply need the support of a coach who knows how to guide you along the way, I just may be your gal {if there's room in my schedule}.

My email is included and I'm happy to set up a free consultation, so grab the guide and let's get you rolling on your launch.

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