At the Kaleo Agency, we're passionate about helping you unlock your potential and infuse your life with purpose as you discover how God is personally calling you to use your gifts, talents, and experiences in your life today while harnessing a vision for tomorrow.

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Unlocking Potential and Infusing Purpose

The Kaleo Agency is passionate about helping you pinpoint your callings. Yes, plural, because there isn't one single thing you're supposed to be doing for the rest of your life.

You are multifaceted. You are a whole being, with a mind, body, and soul. You juggle relationships and responsibilities that are ever changing with every season of life.

So what if you could find purpose and meaning through using your gifts, talents, and experiences in every endeavor today?

Through using proven life coaching techniques, practical ability assessments, training courses, workshops, and retreat experiences rooted in Biblical principles, the Kaleo Agency is committed to helping you find your purpose . . . your calling today. 

With a personalized and individually-committed focus, the Kaleo Agency works with women, students, and organizations in the following specialities:

  • writers, bloggers, and authors developing their voice and platform
  • entrepreneurial endeavors and small business development
  • students seeking a college and career direction
  • personal and spiritual life transformation and growth
  • life balance and time management
  • life transition, legacy building, and finding a new normal
  • professional and career transition, development, and focus
  • ministry leaders and teams seeking growth and impact
  • individual and team leadership development
  • life coaching certification

No matter what your season or stage, experience or expertise, the Kaleo Agency is here to serve you and help you unpack your God-given callings . . . as "calling" is what Kaleo means in Greek. 

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Life Coaching for Women
Life Transformation, Spiritual Formation, Professional Development, Ministry Focus

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Coach Training for Women
10-session online life coaching certification course for women.

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Online Courses
Embrace personal and spiritual growth at your own pace in your own space.

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College and Career Assessment
Assessment-based coaching for 9th - 12th grade, college, and grad students, and women seeking career placement or transition.

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Elisa Pulliam


Elisa Pulliam is passionate about infusing your life with purpose while helping you unlock your potential as you embrace your God-given calling, career, everyday connections, and community impact. 

She's passionate about coming alongside you with a diverse skill-set and combination of experiences as life coach and coach trainer, seasoned business owner and ministry leader, conference planner and public speaker, published author and life-long mentor, graphic designer and creative soul with a practical solutions-minded approach to help you take your next steps with clear focus and realistic expectations. 

Lisa, as she likes to be called, considers success to be serving others with authenticity, integrity, and transparency. She delights in helping each person find their value and discover how to best operate in their God-given wiring and giftings within their family, community, and corporate setting.

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We are so grateful to Elisa for the way she worked with our daughter, a high school junior, and our family throughout the process of utilizing the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) in the pursuit of self-discovery and college selection process. Elisa unpacked the HAB report to explain how our daughter’s particular work-type as well as her college options, and she also helped us see how her wiring plays out in our family. As a result, we’re better able to affirm who she is becoming as a woman, appreciate her passions and strengths, while also helping her grow in her areas of weakness. Truly, it was a wonderful experience.

A Highlands Client

As administrators, writers, and researchers in the field of education, we needed a graphic designer to assist us with developing a portfolio for a major project. This included promotional materials, website design, and mailing list set-up. In working with Lisa Pulliam, we found a partner who was highly knowledgeable and talented in all of these areas and, just as importantly, who “caught” our vision for the project and actualized it perfectly.

Lynn Swaner, Ed.D. and Roger Erdvig, M.Ed., Coaching & Website Design Clients

To say that Elisa has changed my life, through the life coach training course as well as the mentoring course, is an understatement. While I am still unsure of my footing in moving forward, I have begun to take baby steps forward. She is an inspiration to me and I find myself wanting to be that person that can make a positive difference in someone’s life. 

Carol Dietel, Coaching Student

What I loved most about the taking the life coaching course through Elisa is that she is so relational. I felt like I could ask her anything, she always took time to give wisdom-filled feedback, and she shared from her own personal experiences which was so powerful. I don’t regret anything about these 10 weeks! Elisa helped to equip, empower, and encourage me in my desire to become a life coach!

Charissa Steyn, Coaching Student

With beautiful integrity and an open heart, Elisa Pulliam encourages women to embrace life. The attitude-focused lenses she recommends reveal vibrant color in daily living.

Rachel Wojo, Author and Blogger

I was another who gladly STOOD in the back of the packed-out room [at Raising Generations Today], spellbound and relieved by your honesty.

Faith Bogden, Author and Speaker