Kaleo Agency: Simplifying Your Message and Maximizing Your Mission

At the Kaleo Agency, we're passionate about helping you simplify your message and maximize your mission so that you can best reach and serve your target client, customer, or reader. 

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategy approach is the first step in identifying who you are, what makes you unique, and how you want to serve your tribe. Through this important evaluation phase, we will help you define a clear and concise brand, laying a foundation for an effective marketing plan.

Missional Marketing

Building upon your Brand Strategy, we pinpoint the steps you can take to reach your tribe most effectively through list building, social media, overall online presence, community investment, and relationship-building.

Simplified Design

Influenced by your Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan, we'll curate for you a stunning design palette that communicates a cohesive message throughout your website, resource content, merchandise, and print media.

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Elisa Pulliam


Elisa Pulliam, the founder of the Kaleo Agency, is a creative strategist passionate about helping you simplify your message and maximize your mission.

She brings to you 25 plus years of experience in graphic design, marketing, and writing. As a traditionally trained graphic designer and artist, she values clean lines and the use of white space that makes the end goal of readability possible. She has more than 15 years of experience as a business owner. She understands the challenges of growing a platform and reaching a tribe, having accomplished that goal for herself as a self-published and traditionally published author.

As a trained and certified life coach, Elisa knows how to draw out from her clients the heart of what they want to accomplish, so that vision becomes a reality.

Elisa is a creative soul with a practical solutions-minded approach. She will help you take your next steps with much clarity and renewed hope.


bloggers and writers developing their platform

authors launching their self-published or traditionally published book

speakers developing their voice and platform

life coaches launching and growing their practice

counselors launching and growing their practice

private schools seeking to clarify their institutional message and increase enrollment

churches and ministries seeking to clarify their message and reach their audience

small businesses revitalizing their websites and social media presence

entrepreneurs beginning and growing their business